Home Improvement Services You Can Rely On

Are you a homeowner looking to make improvements to your home but you don’t have the skills or time to do the work yourself?  Is your home maintenance to-do list overwhelming?  If so I may be able to help you.

Hi, my name is Ken Webb and I’m the owner of HomeProud Handyworks.  Helping homeowners be proud of their homes is what I do. I show up when I say I will, I communicate clearly, and I do my best to provide you with home improvement services that will allow you to better enjoy your home.

Whether you need a faucet replaced, a ceiling fan hung, a deck repaired, or just random repairs done around your house – maybe you want a catio built for your cat!  I have a wide range of skills and I’d be happy to help you.

My Story

For the past 30 years I’ve been renovating my own 120 year old home (and 2 story garage) in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis.  Over time I built up a fan base of friends and family who saw the quality of my work and encouraged me to work on other people’s homes for a living.  “I wish you could come to my house and help me with my home” was a common reply when I would post pictures of my home improvement projects on social media.

In early 2018 I was laid off and I decided that I no longer wanted to rely on someone else for a job.  So I took  the advice of my friends and family and started HomeProud Handyworks.  Since then I’ve completed hundreds  of small, medium and large scale projects for dozens of clients in the Twin Cities.

My passion is helping people have beautiful and functional homes that they can be proud of.
The word “proud” is in my business name because I put the same level of pride into working on other people’s homes that I’ve put into my own home.

How Can I Help You With Your Home?

One of the most common complaints I hear from my clients about service providers is how they sent them an email or left them a voicemail, and they never heard back from them.  Or the service provider replied and then never showed up for the consultation or to complete the scheduled work.

The majority of my clients are busy people with demanding careers, kids in school and other family commitments.  They can’t afford to have someone wasting their time.  This is why I will always reply to a client and show up when I say I will – it’s a simple matter of being respectful of people’s time.  I know I wouldn’t appreciate it if a service provider treated me that way.

I pride myself on being reliable, honest, trustworthy and a good communicator.  I encourage you to read the testimonials from my clients by clicking here.  My clients have said these things about me because:

  • I’m Reliable:  I won’t waste your time or leave you wondering if I’ll reply to you or when the work will be scheduled and completed.
  • I’m Honest:  I will always tell you what I believe to be the best solution for your home projects whether it involves hiring me or not.  I know where my skill set begins and ends – I’m always honest with people about whether I am capable of doing the work or if I believe it would be in their bests interest to hire someone else.  Basically I’m always going to tell you what I would do if it was my home.
  • I’m Trustworthy:  My clients can trust me to be respectful when I’m in their homes and to keep their home, their kids and their pets safe.
  • I’m hardworking and do quality work:  When I’m at your home I’m focused on the work you hired me to do instead of being distracted by my phone or taking constant breaks.  I take pride in my work and do quality work – I’ll treat your home as if it was my own.
  • I’m a good communicator:  I keep my clients informed of progress and possible issues with their home improvement projects as they arise, and I stay in communication if my work schedule has to change.

For a list of the home improvement services which I specialize in please click here.  If your project isn’t on my list just ask me!  I’ll always be honest with you about whether your project is in my wheelhouse or not.

Call or email me today about your home improvement projects!  You can also visit my Request a Free Quote page and complete my free estimate form and tell me about the projects you need help with.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Ken Webb

Handyman and home improvement services in Minneapolis St Paul, MN