Kid & Pet Friendly

Whenever someone comes to work on your home, whether it’s a helpful family member, or a service provider, there is one overriding concern that ranks above all others – SAFETY.  Your safety, my safety, and most importantly the safety of your children and pets.

I’ve heard the horror stories from my clients:  the service person who left a gate open and their dog got out of the yard and ended up running around the neighborhood for hours before it was caught.  Or left a front or back door open and the cat got out of the house and went missing for 3 days.  Or worst of all, left a power tool on site and plugged in where their child might have found it and injured themselves.

When I’m at a client’s home, the safety of every inhabitant of the home is my highest priority.  I’ve spent nearly 30 years renovating my own 120 year old home while caring for and loving 6 amazing cats and 5 amazing dogs. It takes a strong measure of sensibility and care to work on a home with critters putting their 4 paws about.  Pofi, the amazing and adored lurcher dog, HATED power tools, and especially compressors and air tools. We often planned our remodels so the worst of the “loud noises” would occur while my wife took the pups to dog park.

Since starting my business the vast majority of homes I’ve had the privilege of working on have had children and/or pets in the home. I afford the same level of attention and care in these homes as I would if they were my children or pets in my own home.

Several years ago a client suggested to me that I post pictures of people’s pets on my business Facebook page as my “employees of the week”.  You can view all of the adorable 4 legged critters by clicking here.



Pofi the lurcher                Clifford                            Mia                                      Shae                               Barley