The treehouse – looking back on my favorite client project

Jan 24, 2024 | Uncategorized

Treehouses – because kids love treehouses!   

Hi treehouse fans!  I never got around to writing a blog post to show some final details that I completed on the treehouse in October of 2022.  Specifically I added a cargo net to the east side of the treehouse, and I added cabling support to the northeast corner of the treehouse to support this cantilevered corner of the structure.  I also added additional grab bars to the 2 entrances and the main and loft ladders.

Initially the plan was to hang a rope ladder to the east side entrance of the treehouse.  But then my clients had the idea of mounting a cargo net instead, which was a brilliant idea!  The cargo net allows for access to the east door of the treehouse, while also allowing multiple kids to climb on it at the same time.  As you can see from the pictures, the kids love it!  I mounted the upper end of the cargo net to the frame of the treehouse by drilling holes in the frame, routing the ropes through the holes, and tying knots in the ropes on the backside of the treehouse frame.  I used deep corkscrew ground anchors and small turnbuckles to anchor the lower rope ends of the cargo net to the ground.

As well, I had intended to add cabling support to the northeast corner of the treehouse structure as this corner was slightly cantilevered and had the additional weight of the loft above it.  I accomplished this by using vinyl coated cable and a large turnbuckle.  The cable is mounted to the lower frame of the treehouse using a large eye bolt, and the cable is routed over a large crotch in the tree.  The vinyl coated cable is fed through vinyl tubing where it contacts the tree in order to protect the tree.

I’m told that I’ll be invited over for morning hot chocolate in the treehouse this spring – I can’t wait to visit the treehouse again!