(written March 2021 – update:  I received my 2nd Pfizer covid vaccine shot on 5/1/21 and my booster shot on 11/19/21)

COVID19 has certainly presented numerous challenges for all of us over the past 13 months.  Some have been impacted more than others – millions of lives have been lost, and many millions of others have lost loved ones, and their livelihoods.  I know the pandemic has certainly impacted my business.

I am extremely thankful that no one in my family has been lost to this horrible disease, and that I have managed to avoid contracting COVID19 – I suspended my business several times over the course of 2020 in order to stay safe and do my part in “flattening the curve”

As I’ve worked at clients homes over the past year I have followed all pandemic protocols including mask wearing, social distancing and hand sanitizing.  And, thankfully, my clients have done the same.

I hope to be vaccinated soon – I’m not old enough nor do I have a pre-existing condition that would have qualified me for early vaccination.  Even after vaccination I will continue to follow all safety protocols, including when I’m in clients’ homes or, most importantly, when I’m in home centers and hardware stores which is an inevitable aspect of completing client projects.

My clients’ safety, and my own safety, is my highest priority even when we’re not in a pandemic – until we reach a vaccination level where we’ve achieved herd immunity I will continue to follow all COVID19 safety protocols and I will expect my clients to do the same.

Stay safe everyone I look forward to hearing from you!