Services offered:


Below is a list of most of the projects I’m capable of completing.  If your project isn’t on my list just ask me!  It’s likely something I’ve done before and I will always be honest with clients about where my skill set begins and ends.


Interior Projects:

Interlocking plank flooring installation
– Cedar lining for closets
– Baseboard and door casing installation/replacement
– Handrail/banister installation
– Hanging barn style doors
– Door replacement
– Wall mount TV installation
– Hanging wall art and mirrors
– Window treatments (installing shades and curtains)
– Flat pack (Ikea) shelf and furniture assembly
– Closet system installation
– Shelf assembly and wall mounting
– Floor refinishing
– Tile work:  I typically only do backsplashes and shower walls and I only do tile work during the spring, summer and fall months.  It’s simply too difficult to do tile work during the winter months in Minnesota when outdoor cleanup of grout, mastic or thinset waste isn’t possible.  If I performed this cleanup in your basement slop sink you’d be hiring a plumber for thousands of dollars to replace your drains!  Because the waste is cement!  I’ve heard horror stories from clients who hired someone to do tiling work in their home and they performed the cleanup in the basement slop sink – and then they couldn’t flush their toilets!  This is why most tiling professionals I know go to Florida or Texas to do tiling work during the winter months.  If you’d like a tile floor installed I would encourage you to hire a tiling professional who only does this type of work – tiling floors requires a special level of skill that I don’t possess.  

Interior Painting:

I am a very good painter.  I take all the appropriate measures to protect floors and trimwork when I’m painting.

– Interior room painting.  I can paint the average room in 1 day.  1+1/2 days if I am also painting the ceiling.  2 days if I’m painting the ceiling and there’s also a closet that needs to be painted.

– Some exterior painting depending on the circumstances (see exterior projects below)

Exterior Projects:

– Kids yard playset assembly
– Water features (fountains & ponds)
– Deck building and repairs
– Deck board replacement
– Composite decking installation (both on new decks and when replacing wood decking on existing decks)
– Railing and handrail installation and repairs
– Fence and gate installation and repairs
– Power washing
– Garage soffit repair/replacement
– Window sill replacement
– General seasonal home maintenance


I can perform most minor electrical work.  I am always honest with clients when I believe it would be in their best interests to hire a licensed electrician.

– Light fixture installation/replacement
– Ceiling fan installation/replacement
– Outlet and switch replacement (including installing dimmer switches)
– Adding additional outlets (possible depending on the situation)
– Installing wall surface wiring systems
– Doorbell installation (possible depending on the situation)
– Other low voltage wiring installations (CAT7, CAT5, coaxial cable, etc.)  Networking wiring
– Adding exterior lighting, specifically on garages.  Replacing exterior lighting.


I can perform most minor plumbing work.  I am always honest with clients when I believe it would be in their best interests to hire a licensed plumber. If your project involves natural gas plumbing you should always hire a licensed plumber.  That’s what I would do if it was my home.

– Faucet installation (kitchen and vanity sink faucets)
– Kitchen and vanity sink installation/replacement
– Garbage disposal installation/replacement
– Bathtub replacement (possible depending on the situation)
– Dishwasher installation

Services not typically offered:

– In general I do not perform exterior home repairs that are above the first floor of the home.  I am not set up to haul extension ladders and most 2nd story exterior home repairs require multiple sets of hands – I am one person.  I am always willing to work with a homeowner who is willing to provide sweat equity and the “2nd set of hands” required in order to complete your project.  Contact me and I’d be happy to visit your home to discuss your project!

– If you need gutters replaced or installed, I highly encourage you to hire a company that installs seamless gutters.  This is what I would do if it was my home.  I can perform basic downspout repair and installation.

– Siding repair:  Most major exterior siding repairs should be performed by a service provider who specializes in this work.  Much the same as having roofing work done on your home.  Unless it is a minor repair, I recommend that you find a service provider that specializes in this work – that’s what I would do if it was my home.

– Ceiling and wall repairs.  For major repairs related to roof or plumbing related water damage I recommend that you find a service provider that specializes in this work.  Specifically if the repair involves plaster and lathe ceilings and walls.  I am willing to perform minor wall repairs but only when they are in my immediate service area as they require numerous short visits to your home to complete.

– I do not replace toilets or internal toilet tank parts.  This work is best performed by a licensed plumber and, while I can perform this work, it usually involves an urgency that I cannot provide, especially during the busy summer season.

– I do not offer deck re-staining/re-painting services.  Again, while I can perform this work, it wreaks havoc on my summer schedule as this work is weather dependent and almost ALWAYS involves rescheduling, which delays my other scheduled client work and literally causes me to pull out the little hair I have left.  Hire a professional exterior painter!



Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you about how I can help you with your home!