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Closet cedar lining, new attic entries and door rehabs – conclusion

A favorite
winter home improvement project of mine

This is my long overdue recap post detailing the completion of this client project in mid February.  See my original post from late January for more details:


To recap:

1) I installed cedar lining in the 3rd floor primary suite closet.  I then trimmed out the inside & outside corner edges with dozens of pcs of cedar cove & corner trim.  The complexity of the roof lines in this closet made the corner trimwork a challenge. The project also involved remounting the closet light and wall outlet with electrical fixture shims.  This is the 6th closet in my client’s home that I have installed cedar lining, and the most complicated.

2) I relocated and installed 2 new gasketed attic entry doors to replace 2 old drafty doors, one in the closet and one in the primary suite wall.  The former involved reframing of the closet attic wall prior to completing the cedar lining in order to reposition the attic entry door to allow for the mounting of new shelving.  The latter involved more wall reframing for the new attic entry door location and wall repair and baseboard replacement to “hide” the location of the old attic entry door.

3) I then installed 4 new closet shelving systems in the primary closet after completing the cedar lining and trimwork, and new attic entry door installation.

4) I also reversed the 3rd floor primary suite bathroom door to swing outwards instead of inwards and I replaced the hinges and doorknob with new black hardware.  Reversing the door involved removing the entire pre-hung door structure and re-installing it and the door casings in the reverse.  I also rehabilitated the door jamb strikeplate to cut out and eliminate the old strikeplate mortises and sister in new wood to hide the old strikeplate imperfections.  This is similar to the strikeplate/jamb renovations I completed for this client when I replaced 5 doors off of their 2nd floor hallway in the fall of 2021.  The door work took me one day to complete.  With the bathroom door now swinging outwards my clients have more useable room in the bathroom.

5) I replaced the hinges and doorknob on the closet door with new black hardware.

This work involved about 100 hours on my part to complete over 5 weeks.  Some work weeks were partial weeks as I dodged winter snow/ice storms.  My clients now have a beautiful and more functional primary suite closet, and the old drafty attic doors have been replaced to make the primary suite more comfortable, especially in the winter months.  And more functional and beautiful bathroom and closet doors.

Here are tons of pics showing the end results including more pics of the sweetest pooch Olivia.

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