Jan 28, 2023 | Project Portfolio

Closet cedar lining, new attic entries and door rehabs – part 1

A favorite
winter home improvement project of mine

In mid-January I began one of my favorite indoor winter projects to complete for a client – adding cedar lining to a closet.  If you’ve followed my posts on Facebook over the past several years you’ll know that this is the 6th closet I have added cedar lining in my client’s home; I completed cedar lining in 4 second floor closets of this client’s home in 2019, and a 5th hallway/staircase closet in 2021.  This is the most complicated closet I’ve done cedar lining in so far – a finished 3rd floor primary suite closet with many odd ceiling and wall angles.

I’m also replacing 2 drafty attic entry doors in the finished 3rd floor primary suite with new, insulated and gasketed doors.  One of the new attic entry doors I’ve installed is in the closet where I’ve added the cedar lining.  This involved reframing the wall to mount the new attic entry door so that it is centered on the wall, as opposed to being left oriented as the old drafty door was (the pictures I’ve included show this).  This will allow the addition of more shelving on the adjoining wall so that the attic entry door won’t conflict with the shelving as the old attic entry door would have.  I’ll be replacing the other attic entry door in the 3rd floor suite in February.  As of last week, I had completed the new attic entry door installation in the closet as well as completing all of the cedar lining.  I will return in early February, after the forecast arctic cold blast this coming week, to mount cedar cove and corner molding and new, more efficient shelving in the newly cedar lined closet.  Once the closet project is completed my client will not only have a beautiful cedar lined closet that will be warmer with the new attic entry door, but they will also have a much more efficient shelving system for their clothes than they had previously.

I’m also upgrading the closet door doorknob, hinges and strikeplate, and I’ll also be remounting the 3rd floor bathroom door to hinge outwards and with a new doorknob, hinges and strikeplate, and rehabbing the old strikeplate jamb to hide the old strikeplate mortise, which is not pretty.  This is the same as the strikeplate/jamb repairs I completed for this client when I replaced 5 of their 2nd floor closet, bedroom and bathroom doors in the fall of 2021.

I’ll post again in mid February with updated photos upon completion of these projects.  Meanwhile, here are far too many before and during photos of the closet cedar lining and new attic entry door (photos don’t include the insulation work I did inside of the attic after installing the new attic entry door!!!) , as well as bonus videos of the completed cedar lining in the closet, and of the sweetest pooch named Olivia, the HPHW employee of the day/week/month/quarter/year/decade/century!!!

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