Dry stack limestone retaining wall

Nov 24, 2022 | Uncategorized

My final exterior client project of 2022:    

On November 1st I started a project with a good friend and client to build a dry stack limestone retaining wall along the sidewalk at the front of their property.  I balanced the project with other client work during the first 2 weeks of November, and then last week’s snowfall delayed the project.  We are taking advantage of this week’s late fall warm up to get the project completed before winter really sets in.

The project actually began in mid-summer when I spent a day helping to remove a low, existing and failing, mortared cinder block wall.  As of November 1st we excavated below sidewalk level, laid heavy duty landscape textile and a class 5 aggregate base, and began laying limestone courses.

As of yesterday the final course of stone is set;  we’ll spend this Friday & Saturday backfilling dirt against the backside of the wall, and finishing the wall capping.

I’m including a series of photos documenting the project from November 1st  through yesterday.  This is my last exterior client project of the year, and then I move on to interior client projects.

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