Milwaukee Ave picket fence project – part 2   

Sep 17, 2022 | Uncategorized

A fence for a dog named Shenji…    

Last week I completed the Milwaukee Avenue picket fence project that I began at the beginning of the month, and which was interrupted by a planned vacation on my part.

My client asked me to build the fence because a new pooch had recently moved into the home and they wanted to be able to let Shenji out to do her business without having to go out with her on a leash every time she needs to go out.  Now Shenji, and her humans, are free!!!

You’ll notice that most of the fence pickets are painted, but the fence posts and rails are not painted.  This is because a neighbor a few houses down had 80 painted gothic top pickets to donate to the project, which my clients happily accepted!  I procured another 28 gothic top pickets to complete the project.  My clients will paint the entire fence this fall.  To read about the planning that went into building this fence in a historic district see my blog post from September 4th:

Milwaukee Ave picket fence project – part 1 – HomeProud Handyworks

Getting positive reactions from my clients when I’ve completed a project at their home is always rewarding.  But knowing that I’ve completed a project that benefits a furry critter living in the home brings its own level of satisfaction.  I made a point of getting a video of Shenji being let out into her yard off-leash for the first time, 5 minutes after I completed the last gate – see the video below of a very happy Shenji (and her owners!).

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