Treehouse Day 1

Aug 6, 2022 | Uncategorized

beautiful cedar tree

This afternoon, I revisited the home (and backyard) of a new client who I’ll be building a treehouse for…

Well, I’ll be building a treehouse for their 3 sons…
With the clients help we got onto stepladders, took measurements with a long tape, and we came up with a floor plan based on their desires and the tree structure.
I’ll spare you the details and let the current plan image do all of the talking. I’ll share plenty of pictures and explain the details as the treehouse gets built over the next month.
My client said that the treehouse only had to last for 15 years or so based on the current ages of their sons. I asked if he and his wife have younger siblings who plan to have children and he said yes. I pointed out that his nieces and nephews would likely be enjoying the treehouse long after his sons have outgrown it. The treehouse is being built in the backyard of a home they just purchased, and I suspect they will have family members visiting for several decades to come. I’ll build it to last because that’s just what I do.
What fun – how can I help you with your home in a tree?