Treehouse Day 13

Aug 15, 2022 | Uncategorized

Today, day 13 at the treehouse project…

…I first completed the final “keystone” wall board on the lower deck, which involved pulling out and setting up my portable table saw to mark and rip the left and right edges of the board so that it was symmetrically cut to match the neighboring wall boards I installed on this section last Friday.  There was a minor jigsaw cut to make around a tree branch, and then I began working on the upper loft walls.

I decided that the upper loft required more vertical middle posts for the horizontal 1×2 and 1×3 slats.  So, I made a run to the home center, procured more cedar 2 x 4’s and stainless-steel bolts, washers and nylon lock nuts (someday I’ll have to count how many SS bolts, washers and nylon lock nuts went into this treehouse – it’s an insane yet appropriate number), and I installed the middle posts and about 70% of the horizontal loft wall slats.  Tomorrow I’ll complete the loft walls and also build out the loft railing.

My interactions with the boys today were minimal as they were off at daycare by the time I arrived at 9am.  But, as I was finishing up for the day, they were home.  The 4 year old saw me up in the treehouse and exclaimed “Wow!  You’re still up there working!”  “Yep!”, I replied, “but I think I’m done for the day”, and I came down so I could show him from ground level what I had done.  The 4 year old, his older brother, and their parents were very excited to see loft walls.  I’m so motivated to complete this treehouse with finished loft walls and safe ladders so the boys can safely take possession of their “secret fort”.

I also discussed with my treehouse clients several other details, such as the idea of using a “cargo net” option instead of a rope ladder for the entrance/exit point on the east side of the treehouse (my clients idea!), safety railings for the main ladder leading up to the lower deck on the west side of the treehouse (which my client and I discussed over the weekend), lighting options for the treehouse, and someday building a waterproof box under the loft for the boys to keep their board games in (shush, it’s a secret!) For now, a plastic tub with a lid will likely suffice).

And the scrap pile has gotten larger, but they’re all still small, short scraps.

How can I help you with your house in a tree?