Treehouse Day 3

Aug 7, 2022 | Uncategorized

Today, on my 2nd day at my client’s treehouse project, I continued to make good progress.

I got the main outside frame I started yesterday squared and leveled, mounted rubber where the deck frame meets the limbs to protect the limbs, mounted the ground post in the south west corner, and mounted 2/3rds of the floor joists on the main deck frame. I worked through light rain for portions of the day – no worries, I was working under the canopy of a giant cedar tree!
This tree used to have a treehouse in it – it was removed long before the prior homeowners sold their home. Evidence of the prior treehouse can be seen in the bark of the main trunks of the tree. Today my client’s neighbor visited me while I was working on the project and told me that the sons of the prior homeowner spent more time in the old treehouse than they spent in the yard.
Tomorrow I’ll complete the floor joist work on the main deck and I should be putting down decking on the main deck by tomorrow afternoon, and complete the main decking by EOD Thursday. I’m looking forward to having the main deck completed so that, come next week, I can be standing on the main deck and start building the treehouse walls!
Stay tuned – how can I help you with your home in a tree?