Treehouse Day 4

Aug 7, 2022 | Uncategorized

Today, at my clients treehouse project, I graduated from working from the ground on stepladders (on uneven ground) to complete the main deck joist framing to actually working up “in the treehouse”, standing on the main deck frame I’ve built to begin mounting the main deck boards.

I feel as though I’ve made good progress in the first 3 days on this project, and I hope to complete the deck boards on the main deck by EOD tomorrow.
See the bonus pics showing the “wrap” I constructed around one branch for additional support on the SE corner of the main frame. I’m designing this treehouse to take advantage of any possibility to construct the framing around the tree/branches without actually having to nail/screw into the tree/branches. And check out the bonus video showing the final details of the joist framing around the tree trunks and branches.
Next week?: Treehouse walls and building a loft over 1/3rd of the main deck. And a roof…
My treehouse clients are actually away on a 2 week vacation. I’m not accustomed to working on a client project with the client absent so I can’t confer with them on the details. But, based on our initial consultations before they left town, I think they’ll be thrilled with what I’ll have accomplished by the time they return from their trip.
The weather has been super-cooperative and, for the past 3 days, I’ve had the best job in the world…