Treehouse Day 5

Aug 7, 2022 | Uncategorized

We are using cedar for the treehouse, cedar being one of the most expensive woods to work with.

The first picture shows my current scrap pile. Saw and hammer included in picture for perspective.
It’s one thing to be a good carpenter, it’s another thing to pay attention to details and try to limit scrap, which I have been doing as I’ve been building the main deck of the treehouse. Every board foot of scrap represents some of my clients money going into the fire pit. Pretty expensive firewood.
It’s kind of like hiring a fish guide. A good fish guide might put you on the fish, which is beauty eh. But if the fishing guide puts you on the fish and then, while you’re sitting around the campfire in the evening enjoying your fish fry, the fishing guide pulls out some chocolates and some good scotch. We’ll that makes them a master fish guide. Which is a thing of beauty.