Treehouse Day 5 – Part 2

Aug 7, 2022 | Uncategorized

Today, at my client’s treehouse project, I completed mounting the deck boards on the main deck.

Next week I’ll begin (and hopefully complete) building the walls, and the loft that will exist over the upper 1/3rd of the east side of the treehouse.
And, if you saw my post from this morning, you’ll see that my cedar scrap pile now involves more scraps, yet the scrap pile isn’t much “bigger” – because I used the scraps I had from yesterday to continue building blocking and deck board support as I mounted the deck boards around the tree trunks & branches. Sorry, my pics don’t show all of these details, I was too busy working to take pics of every detail. But the included video shows some “scraps” laying on the ground around the tree from cutting deck boards around the tree trunks and branches from above with a jig saw.
Today I graduated from working from ground level using step ladders, and with all all of my tools on the ground, to moving all of my tools up onto the main deck as I completed the deckboard installation. This is a fun project – but it’s also “work”. But I’m not complaining.
Although, if you go the 1:05 minute mark of my 2nd video you’ll hear me complaining about how many times I’ve “bonked” my head on the branches of this tree as I’ve worked on the project over the past week…