Treehouse – house cleaning day

Aug 17, 2022 | Uncategorized

The treehouse – a day off, and yet so much love…

I took a day off from the treehouse project today as I was committed to another client project, repairing a fence.  However, when I left the tree house yesterday, I was disappointed that I hadn’t thought to bring my leaf blower as the upper loft and main deck of the treehouse were covered in sawdust from completing the loft walls and loft railing.  Knowing that we had rain in the forecast, I really wanted to get back to the treehouse today to get this sawdust blown out of the treehouse loft and main deck before the rain came in. My client fence project for today involved a trip to the home center close to the treehouse project, so I knew I could stop by there with my leaf blower and get the sawdust blown out of the treehouse.  So I made sure to put the leaf blower in my work van before leaving home in the morning,  and I stopped by the treehouse on my lunch break…

When I arrived at the treehouse the Mom was picking flowers from her gardens – she told me she was on her way to meet her sister for lunch as it was her sister’s birthday, and she also told me that her sister is due with child (yet another kid in the family who will visit and enjoy this treehouse for years to come ❤️). 

As the treehouse Mom was picking flowers she told me that, this morning, she and the treehouse Dad went up into the treehouse after dropping the boys off at daycare to check out the loft walls and loft railing that I completed yesterday.  I was concerned by the tone of her voice that she had concerns – something they weren’t happy with or needed to be changed.  Instead, she told me that they both think what I’ve done so far is absolutely fantastic.  She then went on to tell me that she feels I should visit the treehouse whenever I want in the coming years (I told her that I was hoping I could do that for the next 20-25 years, even if I get too old to climb the ladders).

She then went on to tell me that she feels I have left a part of my heart in their backyard. ❤️  And that I’m part of the family now.  ❤️❤️  I mean, wow – does a work life get any better that this!   ❤️❤️❤️  It was so lovely, and the best compliment I’ve ever received from a client.

When I left the treehouse yesterday I looked up at it from a distance.  I was blown away how the treehouse is taking up and dominating so much of the interior of the tree!!  My vantage point of the treehouse, and the pictures I’ve been posting, have been focused on all of the “internal” details, taken from a closer vantage point.  So when I was there today with my leaf blower (which used to belong to my passed father in law – ❤️), I made a point of taking pics of the treehouse from a distance.  So you, and I, can see the full scope of the treehouse.  So these are the treehouse pictures, and the story, that I’m sharing today.  I’ll return to the treehouse tomorrow and Friday to begin building out the main ladder and loft ladder.

I didn’t expect to have a treehouse story to tell today –  I only expected to stop by for 15 mins with my Father in Laws leaf blower to blow all of the sawdust out of the treehouse, at no charge to my treehouse client.  And yet, I think this was the best day so far at the treehouse, even though I was only there for 20 minutes, and to only blow sawdust out of the treehouse…