Treehouse Day 10

Aug 14, 2022 | Uncategorized

Today at the treehouse project I built out the framing for the lower treehouse walls.

Tomorrow I’ll begin mounting the vertical wall planks – I intend to have the lower walls and loft walls completed by the end of the week so the boys can safely take possession of the treehouse by this weekend.


Once the walls are done I’ll be left with 1) building the bunkhouse style ladder up to the main deck side of the treehouse, adding the rope ladder on the loft side, and building the bunkhouse ladder up to the loft, 2) building a railing on the open end of the loft, 3) building a roof over the loft area, 4) adding cabling on the 2 loft corners to support the loft side of the treehouse from above, running the cabling over crotches higher up in the tree (more about this later), 5) adding a bucket on a pulley so the boys can get their snacks and board games up into the treehouse (shh!…the board games are a secret!), and 6) trying to add some sort of retractable awning over the main deck area of the treehouse.


I didn’t receive a tip from the 7 year old son today as the sons weren’t present. That’s fine, he likely only gets a weekly allowance and, while I don’t expect any client to ever tip me, maybe I’ll receive more dollar bills next week after I’ve completed the treehouse to the point where they can actually start hanging out up there.