Treehouse Day 9

Aug 14, 2022 | Uncategorized

I started this project 2 weeks ago, just after my clients left for a 2 week vacation (and after a lot of pre-planning with the client). 

Today was the 1st day I’ve seen my clients since I started building the treehouse. They, and their sons, are thrilled with what I’ve built so far. As am I…

After we returned from the lumber and hardware shopping, and had unloaded everything from my HPHW van into the backyard, my client’s oldest son came out of the house and said “I love the treehouse, Ken!!” He then went back into the house, returned a few minutes later, and handed me two, $1 bills and said “Here, this is a tip for the treehouse”. I handed the $1 bills back and said “Thanks, but maybe you should hide these in the treehouse for me to find after I’m actually done building the treehouse”. “Nope”, he said, and he shoved the $1 bills back into my hand.


Occasionally I’ve had clients tip me. It’s a pretty rare occurrence (and never expected), but this is the first time since I started my business 5 years ago that a 6 year old has tipped me.